My Life in a Nutshell. Why Kids Yoga?

I Love Kids!


I taught for the Miami-Dade County Public School system for almost 33 years, and just recently retired. having spent most of my years teaching first graders. I taught Kindergarten, second, third and fifth grades as well. During my last year at Redland Elementary, I was the lead teacher for an after school fitness program, where I was able to introduce the fun of yoga to kids in 

K-5th grade. 

Here are some great resources with information about the benefits of yoga for kids.

My Trainings and Certifications


  • 60 hours Kids yoga Teacher Training with Karma Kids Yoga, LLC 
  • Certified Elementary Education Teacher grades K-6
  • Completed 2 day workshop with Yogi Cameron
  • Completed 2 day workshop with Joan Varini, The Pursuit of One's True Nature
  • Completed 2 day Yoga Anatomy workshop with David Keil, Yoga Anatomy expert
  • Attended 6 day Yoga retreat 2016
  • Attended 6 day Yoga retreat 2017
  • Attended and completed a 10 hour Physical Education Workshop through MDCPS
  • Yoga practitioner for over 6 years, logging in more than 1,000 hours of practice, AND COUNTING!
  • Attended life for the past 59 years, and have raised 2 beautiful daughters, one who is a nurse, and the other is still in college.
  • Completed an 8 week mindfulness training, "Mindful Based Stress Reduction" through Mindful Kids Miami
  • Completed 12 contact hour Yin Yoga Certification with Elizabeth Hoffman, director of Urban Bliss School of Yoga. 
  • soon to be working on my 200 hour yoga certification and 30 hour yoga for seniors
  • Currently teaching a weekly, one hour Yin Yoga class at The Simple Life Village.
  • Currently teaching at The Shift Yoga Studio, and at the Henderson County Parks and Recreation (see links on home page)
  • Insured  with Philadelphia Insurance Company

Mindfulness Matters


My intention is to bring the practice of "mindfulness" to yogis of all ages. Yoga is not just the physical practice, but it is a never ending journey of the inner self. I would like to share some strategies  that I have learned in my personal growth. Through different breath work and visualization techniques, we can learn to calm and quiet the mind. 

"To live is so startling

It leaves little room 

for other occupations."

Emily Dickinson

I am a new  (grateful) North Carolina Resident. I am so excited to take advantage of the beauty and all that the mountains have to offer.