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Welcome to BloomingKids Yoga with Polly, LLC Children's Yoga in Hendersonville


I travel to you! Experience some yoga fun and games with me!

About Me

I am dedicated to creating a fun, and positive environment which nurtures the creative, young mind.

Through the use of yoga games and poses, your child will become more aware of the connection between their mind and body. The ultimate goal is to achieve overall flexibility, strength, and well-being, while having FUN!


How I got started in Yoga for Kids

I have been a yogi for 5 years, and I was an elementary school teacher for almost 33. After beginning my yoga journey and working on my practice both physically and mentally, I began to introduce yoga to my first graders. They loved it!!! My last few years have been filled with workshops, trainings, and retreats geared towards a more mindful lifestyle. One day at my yoga studio, I walked by a flier with information about become a kid's yoga teacher and I jumped at the opportunity. The rest is history. 

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My Philosophy

Children are a work in progress. It is up to us to show them ways to work through life's ups and downs. We can help to instill a lifelong love of self acceptance, and acceptance of others through the Yoga practices. 

Group Sessions

Parent(s)/Guardians/party givers must be in attendance during my stay with your children. thank you!

Private Sessions

*flexible scheduling available

Yoga Studios, Schools, Day Care Centers, YMCA's

*Flexible scheduling and special group pricing are available!

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Be true to your own self. Live, love, and laugh!

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